No Synagogues!!!!

In mainstream politics one of the hottest issues happens to be the building of a Mosque near Ground Zero as well as many other places nationwide. Many of the religious intolerant members of the far right are, of course, against it due to reasoning that varies. I’ve heard that it would denegrate the memories of those lost on 9/11, it would support Sharia Law and other bullshit intolerant reasons.


One reasons that critics have made for not building a mosque is due to the Quran and Sharia Law.

Note to the idiotic bible thumpers…NOT EVERY MUSLIM FOLLOWS SHARIA LAW!!!! The ignorance on the right is lauaghable and their logic is non-sensical.

Also if every muslim and mosque consequently is to blame for 9/11…then…hmmm…with that method of thinking every church is to blame for the Oklahoma City Bombing!!! Timothy McVeigh was a hardcore, right wing christian of course.

But that leads me to this………if you can’t build a mosque due to Sharia Law and the Quaran then…hey…no SYNAGOGUES !!!!

Have you read Leviticus in the Torah (Jewish holybook) and Old testament???

The stoning of women…….the degrading of women…..WOW!!!!

We can’t allow anymore of those temples to be built in America.

Lets start the protest….NO SYNAGOGUES!!!!



*sarcasm of course*


~ by Black Uhuru on August 12, 2010.

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