The Plight of the Enlightened

So how do those who are intellectually unplugged deal with existing in the current unjust world.

Perhaps our utopia aimed mindset is a bit out of the realm of reality. Our dreams of a peaceful world where there is no pain and suffering is maybe just that……..a dream……a mirage…..hallucination.

Knowing what unplugged individuals know is a huge burden. It is a weight that we can never drop or shrug off.

It is at times even emotionally painful.

At times we wish we could go back into the matrix of ignorance because ignorance is definitely bliss. Being self involved and not knowing the suffering of our brothers and sisters in this world is a shelter that billions dwell in.

But there is no shelter for us. No place to hide.

Either we deal with it or get eaten out alive by such knowledge.

We find solace often in educating others and doing what we can to help those who are victims of the current unjust reality.

But often, the failures vastly outnumber the successes.

We are challenged daily by self appointed guardians of the status quo. Individuals like you or me who are so heavily plugged in that they can’t even feel the jack in their brains.

We are called foolish.

We are called idiotic and moronic.

We are laughed at and not taken seriously.

At times, the failures affect us more than the successes. Knowing the hills we have to climb and obstacles we have to fight to even put a miniature scratch on real humane change is the most discouraging feeling out there.

So how do we deal?

How do we cope?

How do we live like this?




You tell me because I have no fucking clue…………………………………..perhaps we should have taken the blue pill?

-The Plight of the Enlightened


~ by Black Uhuru on July 30, 2010.

One Response to “The Plight of the Enlightened”

  1. How do I deal? I keep educating. Passing along my knowledge. Dont ever stop passing on your knowledge. You will touch people beyond measure.

    You say more failures than success. I dont see that I see that even when someone doesnt want to listen to what I have to say or thinks Im a crazy afrocentric girl. Ive at least created a fork in their mind though whereas before there was only their narrow minded road.

    even if they choose the ignorant path atleast ive provided that other road.

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