Shirley Sherrod, the Obama Administration, and the Right Wing Media

Right Wing Media doctoring video and taking quotes out of context to push a hidden agenda?

No, that can’t be.

Well in reality that is what the Right Wing Media is good at.

Such previous examples can be seen with right wing smear merchant Andrew Breitbart and criminal “journalist” James O’Keefe’s hidden camera investigation of the community organizing group ACORN in which they used false scenarios to prove ACORN’s so called guilt. That eventually, with massive help from Fox News and other Neo-Con media outlets, led to ACORN eventually getting stripped of government funding and being run out of the devious business of helping lower class individuals.

I sure feel must safer knowing ACORN is out of the business of helping people.

Another example can be seen with Fox News rodeo clown Glenn Beck previously using his hour of corporate sponsored propaganda to push former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones out of a job due to comments Jones made previously that was completely taken out of context. However, Shirley Sherrod is yet another victim of the right wing propagandist machine.

Sherrod, the former African American Georgia director of Rural Development of the USDA, was forced to resign under pressure this week after Brietbart published a video clip where she seemingly tells a group she did not help a white farmer as much as she could have. Sherrod said her statements, which were given at a local NAACP banquet in Georgia in March, were part of a larger story about overcoming her own prejudices 24 years ago.

Sherrod has since been given an apology by US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who wrongfully pressured Sherrod to resign and the NAACP who initially supported the resignation without knowledge of the full context of the video. All parties involved have apologized except for Breitbart and his fellow Right Wing character assainater associates over at FOX.

Breitbart stands by his spineless posting of the out of context video story which tarnished Sherrod’s reputation and contributed to this poor woman being pressured out of her job. Such lack of decency is quite normal for Right Wing media outlets but this seems to be part of a growing trend on the right.

That trend is to push America towards a racial conflict and further divide America on racial lines. The trend is quite obvious to me.

Fox has been repeatedly pushing the story of false and alleged voter intimidation by Black Panthers during the 2008 elections. In fact, according to progressive media watchdog Media Matters, Fox News programming since June 30 have mentioned the Black Panther story over 100 times. Fox News’s backing of racist Tea Party elements and Glenn Beck’s declaration of President Obama being a racist are all other examples. Even right wing media boss and drug addict Rush Limbaugh repeatedly tries to paint Barack Obama as a racist and his policies as a means of restitution for blacks and other minorities.

It is difficult to ignore these race baiting elements of the right wing media. That is what they are good at, dividing Americans on racial lines in an attempt push a political agenda. What is even more disturbing is the Obama Administration’s lack of backbone in dealing with the Right Wing Media.

The Obama Administration consistently caves in to pressure from the right wing media such as when they fired Van Jones, pressured Shirley Sherrod out of her job without proper investigation and even in policy such as President Obama’s support of some offshore drilling weeks before the disastrous Gulf Oil Leak.

 Face it Obama Administration, no matter what you do they will call you a socialist and communist. There is nothing you can do to stop that. The right wing media’s job is to push hate and division towards progressive policies and politics while painting the Obama Administration as a far left communist regime when in fact, due to right wing pressure, the Obama Administration has been running policy as if they were center right.

It is time for the Obama Administration to stop listening to the Right Wing Media and stand up for what is right.

However as well, this latest episode of right smear tactics should shine heavy light and finally expose FOX News, Brietbart, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest of Right Wing Media for what they are.

They are lackluster journalists without credibility and decency and should be treated as such.


~ by Black Uhuru on July 22, 2010.

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