Cool and Comformity


My name is Michael Sampson. I am 20 years old. I enjoy watching political talk shows and C-Span at times. Along with that, I like writing blogs, listening to intellectual theory, conversing about philosophy, volunteering and organizing volunteer events. Hmm….sounds geeky!!!

My name is Mike Sampson. I am 5’9-10(on days I hit a growth spurt lol) 235lbs. I played football for Andrew Jackson and a year of college football at a NAIA powerhouse (lol). I have squatted about 600lbs, deadlifted nearly 600lbs, and Bench Press somewhere near 400lbs. I lift weights for an hour and a half 5 days a week and I do a lot of powerlifting. I am currently in prep for my first bodybuilding competition as well. Hmm…..sounds like a muscle head huh?????

Why the personal introductions? Why the contrasting characteristics of myself? How can I like reading Noam Chomsky and Michael Eric Dyson books but also enjoy pushing my physical body to the limits in terms of lifting weights? How can a geek play football or how can a muscle head enjoy philosophy?

How? Quite simply, because I am none of those!!!!

I am fortunate enough to be friends with a wonderful woman who will remain nameless. She is very unique and super smart. She is awesome and her favorite color is pink. She is unlike anybody I have ever met is and currently doing great in college. What is the career she plans on flourishing in? What is her major? Is it art? Is it poetry? Is it something super creative? No, it is accounting.

When she first told me her major, I wondered why? I could picture her being an artist or something like that. Why accounting though? Why something that seems to blah, boring, and mundane? Quite simply, she choose accounting because she truly is unique and special! She is herself and she fits no category. She is her own person and doesn’t conform to any stereotype.

One of the issues I notice everyday is the fact that everyone wishes to be just like everybody else. Everyone wishes to force somebody into a category. He is a thug or lame…..she is ditsy or geeky or other unproductive caricatures. Humans are social creatures and as a result of that, people tend to mold their own personalities around those stereotypes and caricatures. They lose their uniqueness and in the process produce a society full of insecure individuals who all look alike. They all dress alike like zebras, they all talk a like and everybody is just like everyone else. That is a huge problem in society nowadays.

Every individual is born unique. Nobody is born to think or act the same. But society now seems determined on making everybody behave similar or act like clones of each other. Look at it; they start saying its cool to like Gucci Mane music…..everybody then likes it! They say it’s cool to wear Jays……everybody then has a pair. Pure conformity at its finest! I mean, where is the originality and ingenuity?

What I feel that makes me unique is that I don’t wish to be seen as unique. I don’t wish to be cool or hip or whatever adjective people use nowadays. I wish to be me. I want to be my own person, think my own thoughts, and carry myself in this world as I see fit. That means, being no stereotype!

What makes my friend so special person is that she does the same. She cares less about what others think about her and her thoughts. Her major is accounting because she enjoys math. That may seem uncool to the average person but the average person is indeed a conformist. The average person is blah, uninteresting, and judges based on the norms of current societal trends. The average person cares deeply about what “the crowd” thinks. My friend, she isn’t average! Nowhere near it!

Simply I’m just asking for people to be themselves. Don’t become anything people expect you to become. You are your own person and while outside influences are hard to evade, never conform to the image society deems fit for you to have. Make your own image and make your own path. Don’t be what people think is cool, be what you think is cool!

More later……………………..


~ by Black Uhuru on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “Cool and Comformity”

  1. once again sir, you seem to hit right on target with what society needs to hear. Your writing skills are superb in an intellectual sense. I’m curious to see your skills in the form of a satire. I think for you to write one based on any of your blog topics would be a good decision. Enhancing your writing skills creatively will make your blogs that much better. I encourage you to write a short story in the form of a satire. I think it would be an awesome read.

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