Gun Rights, NRA, and Plaxico Burress



Former Giants Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress was recently indicted by a New York grand jury on weapons charges. Last year, Burress carried a gun in his pants to a night club and accidentally shot himself in the leg.



What troubles me about this case, besides the obvious issue of someone carrying a firearm into a nightclub, is the fact that we have yet to hear the NRA (National Rifle Association) come to the defense of Burress. Yes the same NRA who defends legislation of men carrying firearms into drunken bars in Arizona. The same NRA who hates lawmakers who stop the sale of automatic weapons. The same NRA who would defend a 9 year old white kid’s right to bear arms if necessary. Why are they not defending Plaxico Burress? The NRA was supposedly strongly against the gun law that Burress broke. Why are they not telling there republican congressmen on their payroll to launch press conferences in defense of an individual’s right to carry there weapons? Why it seems the silence? It leads me to believe that it has to be one controversial thing: race.


Doesn’t Plaxico Burress have the right to bare arms NRA as much as his white counterparts? According to Burress’s friends, the gun was registered to him and he previously had a carrier permit which apparently had expired previously but just recently before the nightclub even happened. So why is Burress getting vilified as if he is the devil reincarnate. The gun went off of course which is a danger to many surrounding him which I feel deserves fierce criticism. However, let’s say a white man who was a member of the NRA had carried a handgun with him into a bar and it discharged unintentionally and was arrested by law enforcement. I am willing to guarantee that the NRA and other conservative gun groups would have been at the man’s defense in a second. The case wouldn’t have even made it to trial and republican commentators would have been on the news yelling the 2nd Amendment while drinking champagne in the supposed victory in the name of constitutional rights.


Why does it seem to me that the 2nd Amendment and the right to bare arms only applies to white people? An African American with a firearm is treated like a threat to humanity while when a white man “accidentally” shoots his friend in the face (cough….Dick Cheney), it gets laughed off like a simple mistake and joke. Why the double standard? Does the Bill Of Rights only apply to whites? It seems that way and is treated that way. The NRA and there racist hypocrisy shows quite clearly in this case. It really makes no sense. Does a black man not have the right to bare arms? Obviously not in the NRA’s eyes.

The NRA’s response or lack thereof is of course not surprising. I mean this is the same organization that was against legislation for background checks on people who seek to buy automatic weapons. Seriously, why does someone need an automatic rifle to protect them from a robber or go hunting? I mean if you have that many enemies that you need an M16 to protect you, maybe you are the problem. And if you can’t hit a deer with a semi rifle, perhaps you should hit the gun range a little more, but I digress. The Plaxico Burress case is a clear example of black disenfranchisement when it comes to the Bill of Rights. The huge one is of course free speech which exists only when you aren’t talking or yelling at a police officer in your own home (i.e Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley case). Free speech for blacks doesn’t exist when it comes to talking to cops or governmental officials. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist either it seems when it comes to blacks/Latinos having firearms. Either you allow minorities the right to bare arms and defend them in cases in which arms are present as much as you do whites, or you shut the hell up totally about gun rights. Simple as that.


~ by Black Uhuru on August 10, 2009.

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